Bespoke Location Incubators
A 3 day Coherence emersion for outstanding results

A unique and bespoke Coaching Intensive that takes place in discreet and luxurious natural environments such as the North Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal Eco Forests and Coastline.

The Coaching Intensive offers an acute, high octane and private coaching space for those of you needing a confidential & powerful resource to increase the ease with which you arrive at further professional and personal results. Within the discreet and luxurious eco estate environment, you will both experience a distinct shift around what is possible as well as access practical clarity around what actual success is to be, in your life going forward.

This profound and intimately collaborated supportive space – over some days, allows those of you keen to “roll up your sleeves”, the unique opportunity to:

  • Defrag, decompress & access a high level resources to ‘upgrade your playing field’
  • Powerfully align yourself with what is actually your most compelling future

Critical distinctions are integrated within this very special space where Sheridan synergizes a

  • Confidential & quality container to progress within
  • Executive & entrepreneur-friendly somatic (body-wellness: mindfulness) work
  • Nuanced (& humorous) connection within a clearly established growth path
  • New competencies to support your professional and personal resilience, balance and much deeper sense of meaning and potency in your life, as you experience it

As Entrepreneurs and Executives you will depart your Intensive with

  • An accurate ‘tool kit’ of resources & new range of possibilities available to you
  • A grounded and coherent sense of yourself, having taken control of your life to an elevated and empowering level
  • A clearly defined & meaningful GAME plan, designed as a smart runway for you to start to thrive, professional and personally

Coaching Intensives include

  1. Physically decompressing and feeding the body with rest, harmony through nature and a high level of professional & personal discussion
  2. A daily series of one on one or partner coaching sessions, in a discreet- luxury coaching studio, within the tree canopies of lush Eco Forests
  3. A percolated clarity around one’s blind spots, outdated narrative, limitations and new possibilities available, is rigorously defined
  4. Practical & goal-orientated reflections, self-observation, exercises & research, that asks of one to observe how you operate, are intricately worked with & assigned; some of these practices are allocated to you long term, to sustain continued ‘upside’ for you
  5. Engagement with professional outdoor / sport specialists to deepen, broaden and emphasize the distinctions made with Sheridan, over these high octane days
  6. Being exposed to practices as ways of being and even hobbies that expand the life they return to
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