Coaching Intensives
An acutely focused 6 week intervention to turn the tide

Often, situations or a specific phases present a requirement for intensive coaching support, to help her clients get through a very important (or just plain, rough) period.

Sheridan architects a retainer based space for her clients to hyper-orientate and reach defined outcomes within. 

A framework of destinations as well as required pace and resources, are established to ensure that her clients actually navigate these challenging periods in the most optimal and contextual way.

Coaching intensive program results are life changing and able to be duplicated in other areas of clients lives.

The perimeter areas of clients lives, that would have previously been negatively effected, are left in-tact and their fundamental perception of growth is updated in a profound way.

  • Sessions are weekly and comms are 24 /7
  • Feedback and traction are prioritised to lock-in progress
  • In person or on line meetings are optional, inclusive of travel or requested locations
  • Specialists are onboarded where nuanced requirements support the strategy, shaped upfront
  • Post Coaching Intensive maintenance coaching arrangements are made available for consistent clients
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