Confidential and highly supportive 4.5 – 12 month one on one program

Integral Coaching with Master Coach, Sheridan Pollock is about a live & tenacious partnership between a Coach and Client, where awareness is integrated with new and more developed competencies to reach a desired destination that can actually be named and tracked. Defining what success is to be for you, is paramount.

The Coaching Incubator Programs are structured for measuring progress and adjusting and defining criteria that opens up possibility. In this way, Sheridan offers a space to carve out a new or improved “Map” and an opportunity to develop the skills to navigate, measure and track progress as part and parcel of the coaching space. Orientation is everything. In other words: “Where am I? What am I doing / not doing to get out of my own way to achieve further success and a deeper sense of ease, in my professional and personal life?” The feedback systems within your retainer program with her are particularly rigorous & interactive.

Sheridan insists on working in a granular and heart felt way with a fine tooth comb to identify where your personal power and momentum can be leveraged, more. It’s a partnership that sharp shoots for an intimate and confidential that is often not possible between oneself and those in your personal and professional life that are in some ways, too close to you to establish accuracy or rigour. Incrementally, week by week, you will arrive at tangible wins, motivated by establishing more balance and depth of perception.

Sheridan is encourages profound visibility on the power of observing perhaps for the first time what we genuinely don’t know. Powerful and exponential progress often occurs in areas that are not particularly obvious upfront. An environment of straight talk, humour and warm hearted authenticity offers you the space to sharpen your understanding of what ‘side roads’ and dead ends often trip you up and close down possibility for you in some way.

Incubator program benchmarks:

  1. Bi monthly, high level and confidential one on one sessions, in person or Zoom
  2. Practical and goal orientated reflections, self observations, exercises and research assigned, that asks of one to go and observe and understand how one operates, including gaining visibility on greater contexts
  3. Exercises as long term practices are allocated to build new competencies to support growth and sustainable
  4. Research and industry / area of focus – specific resources included for rigour
  5. Measurement criteria & a feedback environments are set up for accountability and traction
  6. A significantly enabling coaching relationship is cultivated for a unique and profoundly supportive container
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