Guest Speaker
Powerful delivery of models and motivation that inspire and orientate an audience

The Event:
120 min Group Coherence event

The Purpose:
Introducing Coherence as a powerful mechanism for increased professional performance and ease

The Facilitator:
Dynamic and structured Executive Coach & Guest Speaker, Sheridan Pollock

The Opportunity:
The introduction and orientation of a powerful Coherence model through which to unlock further professional motivation & performance

The Incubator Framework:

  • Introduction
  • Professional Coherence model orientation and relevance
  • Exploring the strengths and leverage points of the 5 Key Model Vertebrae as a framework for improvement and measured results
  • Shaping practical examples for each guest to start to apply the Coherence model in their roles and individual context


  • An opportunity for powerful insights and increased visibility on what improved Coherence looks like for each guest – What are common examples of incoherence /coherence and the cost / impact?
  • An increased sense of:
    Professional orientation – Where I am and where am I going?
    Professional performance – What gems can I unlock for improved performance?
    Personal motivation – What drives AND positively motivates me?
    Personal ease – How can I feel more connected and in touch with myself as I continue to contribute, professionally?
  • Identification of potential blind spots and redirected solutions
    How can I stop ‘getting in my own way’?
  • An integrated experience where common ground and unity amongst colleagues / teams / guests occurs
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